Established in 1999, The Herkimer Brewpub is located in the Lyn/Lake neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Herkimer brews small batch craft beer, serves award-winning pub food, and has become a local neighborhood hangout.

The foundation of The Herkimer’s brews has been based in the traditional German purity law, or Reinheitsgebot, allowing only water, barley, hops, and yeast to be used in the brewing process. As American craft beer continues to change and push the boundaries of brewing, The Herkimer does the same while still keeping traditions alive. Our craft brewery includes our take on Kolsch, Czech Pilsner, Alt, English Ales, Stout, Porters, American IPA’s, and more.

The small batch series will feature one-off brews with unique twists and creativeness from our master brewer. Try one and let us know if we should add them to our regular line up.

The Herkimer Brewery uses a technique called decoction mashing in its brewing process. The more decoctions, the more the soul of the beer is revealed.

Decoction Mashing is a way to conduct multi-step temperature infusion mashes without adding additional water or applying heat to the main Mash (malted barley and hot water mixture). It involves transferring about a third of the Mash to another vessel where it is heated to conversion temperature and the starches in the malt change to sugar. It is then boiled and returned to the Mash Tun. This procedure accomplishes three things: 1 – The addition of the first decoction to the main mash raises the temperature to the next rest. 2 – The boiling process breaks up the starch molecules of the unconverted grist and produces a higher degree of extraction from moderately-modified continental malts. 3 – It makes it possible to achieve the crisp, round, dry, and malty characteristics you love.

Thank you for many great years and for making us Minneapolis’ choice craft brewery!

We look forward to sharing more great beers and good times.