The Beer

Since 1999, our Minneapolis brew pub has focused on crafting delicious beers following German purity law, or Reinheitsgebot, which only allows water, barley, hops, and yeast to be used throughout the brewing process. Our brewers rely on decoction mashing to add more soul and flavor to our unique brews, which range from spicy IPAs to creamy Red Ales, flavorful Pilsners, and more.

The Food

What good are our famous beers without award-winning food to go with it? The Herkimer offers delicious fare to match our soulful brews, including a delicious snack menu, fresh soups and salads, burgers, and a variety of other entrees. Want to stop by for a bite that costs less? Be sure to visit our Minneapolis pub daily from 3pm to 6pm or from 10pm to 1:30am for delicious foods that won’t break the bank!

Wine and Cocktails

For those looking for a different way to wash down their favorite foods, The Herkimer offers a full selection of high-class cocktails. We also offer a quality wine selection that rotates regularly to give wine connoisseurs something to talk about, including red, white, and bubbles. If you’re planning a special evening with us, don’t forget to ask your garçon about our available wines!

Visit Us Today!

Come for the small-batch brews and award-winning fare and stay for the shuffleboard league, game day celebrations, Bad Ass Trivia, and more! The Herkimer of Minneapolis is here to provide quality flavors to help our customers have the best time. You can make your reservations online to reserve your spot, or contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to serving you!