1. From The Brewery

    Just as the leaves have reached the end of their time in the tree, we too are preparing for a transition in the brewhouse. This month get ready for the last of our saisons and the sweet, sweet transition into Belgians!  We are going to start the wind down of our saisons with the release of a Biere de Garde. This French style is a close cousin of the Belgian saison, but lacking much of the spicy p…Read More

  2. From The Brewery

    Have you stuck your head outside recently? Fall is in the air, and all I can say is, "It's about time!" Fall brings some of our favorite brew days here in the brewhouse. A seasonal chance to show off autumnal flavor.   First up will be our classic Oktoberfest. This beer is a lovely orange color with a malty sweet aroma, a pleasing biscuit and slight toast flavor and a very approachable medium bod…Read More

  3. The History Of The Brew Part 2

    Last week, we dove into the humble beginnings of brewing and the amazing refinement process of crafting that perfect beer. From drinking a grueling ale through a reed straw to the standardization of keg barrels, humans have put in the time and love to make their beer a staple in enjoying life. Here at the Herkimer, we keep this ideology alive with our famous brew pub located in Minneapolis. We are…Read More

  4. The History Of The Brew Part 1

    Here at the Herkimer, we are obsessed with beer. As the top brew pub in Minneapolis, our alcoholic beverages are likewise top-of-the-line. Since 1999, our craft brewery has been creating local favorites along with high-quality foods. However, in brewery terms, there have been a lot of artisans before us. Today, we’ll take a quick look at the ridiculously long history of beer-crafting. Constant r…Read More

  5. Enjoy The Game Here

    The season is finally here. No, not fall, football! Last night’s slugfest opened the professional football season. The Herkimer isn’t just your favorite brew pub in Minneapolis; it’s also your sports bar football headquarters. Every game will be broadcasted in our bar with full volume and active participation for Wisconsin fans. Don’t struggle to make plans for watching the game — come h…Read More

  6. Tapping Into How Kegs Work

    Here at the Herkimer, we love being the top brew pub in the Minneapolis area. Not only do we classify as a craft brewery, we are also a top-notch sports bar and grill. Beer is in our blood (figuratively and literally). From selecting the right hops to dispensing craft beer from the tap, we revel in the experience. Every American of drinking age has seen the epicenter of the party: Keg Avenue. Howe…Read More

  7. Beer Classification 101

    When it comes to brew pubs in Minneapolis, you have dozens of locations to try. However, we believe that we can be your one-stop-shop for drinking, eating, and general merriment. The Herkimer is your premier craft brewery, carrying close to forty unique brews for your enjoyment. We take great pride in our craft and are excited to share our art with you! For the casual beer taster, we have broken d…Read More

  8. From The Brewery

    We may not want to admit it, but fall is just around the corner. With the inevitable nip sure to be in the air soon, it has us here in the brewery thinking about shifting our beer palate from the light body, warm weather slammer, to a more complex and malty sipper.  And that means the return of some cool weather friends. We will be starting out with the High Hop Red, our hop forward American ambe…Read More

  9. From The Brewery

    Boy, it's hot out there!  And what's worse, the humidity is as bad as a brew day with the kettle lid left open.  I think a cold, refreshing beverage is in order.  You deserve it. We are all about refreshment this month.  Light bodied, sessionable beers that are super flavorful.  First up will be our Jeffrey Kream ale, a light, creamy beer with a nice lingering bitterness, floral aroma and jus…Read More

  10. From The Brewery

    Here at the brewery, we would like to welcome you into summer.  The time of year we spend extended periods of time in the brewhouse just to cool off from the weather outside.  And since we're already here, might as well produce some great beers to help you cool off as well.  We're here to share the love! First up in July will be the release of a new take on an old favorite, the Helles Bock.  A…Read More