1. From The Brewery

    You wouldn't know it by looking outside, but we are just about to enter March.  We start this month with one of our favorite beers for one of our favorite festivals.  It's Bock Fest time again, and we have prepared our own release of the German Dunkels Bock to coordinate with Schell's Bock Fest.  Before you jump on the bus south, come enjoy our version that boasts a beautiful dark brown color w…Read More

  2. Celebrate Your Luck With Us On Saint Patrick’s Day!

      Statistics show that eleven percent of our great nation traces their ancestry back to Ireland. This number, for some mysterious reason, hovers around 100 percent once March rolls around. Valentine’s Day is done, for better or for worse, and you are now looking to shed the shackles of candy hearts and take on the green beer. Whether you’re of Irish descent or simply thirsty enough to claim …Read More

  3. Making Valentine’s Day Fun Again With Your Local Brewpub

    The new year is upon us once again, and that means that most commercialized holiday in history is drawing near. While The t has no problem with people celebrating Valentine’s Day, we have noticed a discrepancy in treatment towards those who are not in possession of a significant other. As your go-to brewpub in Minneapolis, we have a well-formed opinion on what to do on the most romantic day of …Read More

  4. From The Brewery

    We've been busy here in the brewhouse, between the warmer weather and the Packers making their most recent run, you've kept the brewers on their toes to keep you well refreshed.  All we can say is, THANK YOU!  We love our jobs, keeping your favorite beverages in constant supply. Making its valiant return this month is an old staple, The High Point Dunkel. This dark German lager boasts a robust b…Read More

  5. Bringing In The Healthy New Year While Still Enjoying Beer

    With the new year comes a multitude of optimistic resolutions, many of them including the generic “lose more weight” promise. While the gyms are now filled to the brink with new faces, it is important to maintain a consistent plan for dropping those extra pounds and feeling fantastic. As a top-notch craft brewery, The Herkimer is interested in keeping our loving customers in great health for d…Read More

  6. Imperial Stout Release

    We like to ring in the new year at The Herkimer with a special "big beer" release. We are thrilled to introduce you to The Herkimer Imperial Stout! This offering is extremely dark, sporting subtle garnet highlights at its edges, when held to the light. Look for a slight licorice character on the nose, mixed in among strong aromas of chocolate and roasted malt. Rich in body and offering flavors of …Read More

  7. The Different Beers You’ll Encounter In Your Travels

    In the world of beer, there is a variety of choices that patrons can peruse, intending to find the perfect drink. As a craft beer pub, the Herkimer knows the level of dedication needed to sift through the multitudes of brews in order to secure the right beer. We strive to be the best brew pub in Minneapolis, and part of that endeavour includes educating the public as often as possible. Many folks …Read More

  8. From The Brewery

    One of these days winter will be here, I can feel it in my bones. Those inevitable colder temps make me think of some higher gravity beers and the comforting warming feeling that comes with them. This month, we're in search of a sudsy blanket.  We're going to start with our second Belgian release of the season, the Belgian Blonde. If you've experienced this beer over the past few years, you'll kn…Read More

  9. Celebrate Drinkgsgiving With Your Craft Beer Pub

    That time of year is upon us again. Autumn brings a wealth of activities and events that are sure to inspire folks to come closer together as a family. However, if you’re not looking forward to said family, The Herkimer can help! As a happening brewpub in Minneapolis, we have a wealth of enriching pub events to get you through the holidays. One such celebration is the American staple known as Dr…Read More