1. Which Beer Do You Prefer? Our Minneapolis Brew Pub Highlights the Top Beers

    Beer comes in all tastes and colors, providing a panoply of refreshing flavors to meet every drinker’s preferences. At the time of this blog post, over 7,000 varieties of German beer are available for purchase, with many of the breweries located near Munich, home to the world-famous Oktoberfest. If you’re on this blog because you love beer, then you’ve come to the right place! The Herkimer i…Read More

  2. Stay Sane At Home With Our Minneapolis Brew Pub’s Top Tips

    Our current climate has taken its toll on everyone across the country, from small businesses to unemployed individuals. If you’re currently stuck at home during quarantine, it can feel troublesome trying to stay positive and productive day after day. As a top-rated brewpub in Minneapolis, The Herkimer feels the pain and isolation associated with social distancing, but we’re here to help everyo…Read More

  3. COVID-19 Temporary Closing

    Hello Everyone, The Herkimer Pub & Brewery regrettably shares that given the escalating public health concerns nationwide, we will be closed until further notice in accordance with Governor Walz’s stay-at-home mandate. We know that The Herkimer is a second home to so many of us, and we want you to know that our hearts are heavy over not being able to be with you during this strange and diffi…Read More

  4. Bus To Bockfest 2020

    The Herkimer's 12th annual Bus To Bockfest! Brunch, Beer, and the best sober cab experience you could ask for! The Bock is brewing, the sun is shining again, and we’re getting ready for our 12th annual Bus to Bockfest event— destination Schell’s Brewery in New Ulm, MN! Join us Saturday, March 7th, at The Herkimer Pub & Brewery. $70 ticket price includes: Bus ride to and from Schell's Bre…Read More

  5. Still Need a Valentine’s Day Activity in Minneapolis? Our Brew Pub Offers Five Ideas

    Valentine’s Day is almost here, and if you’re like many procrastinators, then time may be running out to plan a perfect evening. Whether you’re going on a first date, or you’ve been with your partner for decades, V-Day is the perfect time to show that you are a tried-and-true romantic. Luckily, there’s plenty of things to do across Minneapolis, and our brew pub is proud to be a top spot …Read More

  6. It’s January — What Can Your Minneapolis Brew Pub Do for You?

    The new year is here, the holidays are over, and you’re returning to the normal routine. It’s January, and things just feel so-so. If you’re ready for excitement this month, be sure to visit The Herkimer on Lyndale Avenue for a fun time! Our brew pub in Minneapolis focuses on creating the best beer and food in an amazing atmosphere, ensuring that our loyal patrons are happy each and every ti…Read More

  7. Should You Join Our VIP Club? The Herkimer Team Says “Yes!”

    The holidays are here, which may mean that your grocery shopping is now a little subpar. Or, you may have family in town looking for a local sports bar and grill to try the city’s delicious brews and culinary delights. In some cases, patrons plan to spend each Sunday with us to watch the game. No matter the cause, you may find yourself coming to The Herkimer more often. Now, the big question eme…Read More

  8. What Can the Herkimer Do for You?

    These days, patrons are looking for more than a simple craft brewery to have a good time. Many fun-seekers quest for a locale that provides the right food, beer, and excitement for a variety of occasions. If you’ve never visited our brew pub in Minneapolis before, you may be wondering “What can the Herkimer do for me?” Keep reading to learn about our full range of foods, small-batch beers, a…Read More

  9. Thirsty This Summer? Our Minneapolis Brew Pub Crafts the Best Beers!

    Summertime is nearly over, which means we’re feeling some of the hottest temperatures of the year. If you’re like many Minnesota residents, the taste of a crisp, refreshing beer at the end of a hot workday is the perfect remedy. Luckily, the Herkimer is here to serve as your trusted spot for small batch brews and in-house beers. Our brew pub in Minneapolis combines the best food and beer in a …Read More

  10. Don’t Know What to Do For Father’s Day? Beer, Of Course!

    Father’s Day is nearly here, and if you’re like many families, you may not be prepared to deliver a fun day that is tailored to Dad’s preferences. Every father has received a nice tie and pair of socks, but if you’re ready to change things up on June 16, be sure to read our blog post below for a few suggestions. The Herkimer is here to serve as your favorite brewpub across Minneapolis, ser…Read More