Hello all!

Everyone excited for summer? At The Herkimer we couldn’t be more stoked. With warm weather comes cold delicious beer, patio time, and awesome beer events. We’re ready to kick off the summer with a brand new beer, a New England IPA. This sweet and hazy little number has a distinct style and flavor. Hopped with Aurora, Pekko, Centennial, Bravo, and Willamette, giving this beer a unique aroma and taste. If you’ re into red ales we have an American Red coming up on nitro, giving it a thick and creamy body with all the benefits of an amber. We will also be releasing the second batch of our Tooler’s Weiss mid June, so come and get yours before everyone drinks it all! The White IPA will be making an appearance, this time brewed with hefeweizen yeast giving it a one of a kind profile. Lastly, for the tropical heat wave we’ve cooked up a tropical stout, sweet, dark and smooth.

This summer will be filled with great beer events and tons of fun! We’re starting it off this month with a pool party at Lime on June 3rd, where Mr. Michael Danko will be joining us to pour beer for the good of people. You might catch one of us in some Zubaz or a speedo. If you’re lucky…
Next on the list is the National Homebrewers Conference on June 15th, where we will be proudly pouring beer and representing the homebrewers of MN. Three days of beer, conversation, and The National Homebrew Competition. Tickets are still available online at https://www.homebrewcon.org/.
The patio is open, the taps are flowing, and we want to talk beer with you. Come on down and let’s cheers a pint.