Summertime is nearly over, which means we’re feeling some of the hottest temperatures of the year. If you’re like many Minnesota residents, the taste of a crisp, refreshing beer at the end of a hot workday is the perfect remedy. Luckily, the Herkimer is here to serve as your trusted spot for small batch brews and in-house beers. Our brew pub in Minneapolis combines the best food and beer in a comfortable atmosphere to help fun-seekers of all types find the fare and refreshment they deserve.

If you’re feeling thirsty this summer, keep reading for a few of our seasonal favorites to keep your taste buds busy and refreshed. Check out our list below, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Summer Selections

The Herkimer offers a wide range of beloved seasonal brews, with summer showcasing a range of tasty options.

Tooler’s Weiss

This German-style brew provides a unique taste of the lighter side of our wheat beer lineup. Tooler’s Weiss is unfiltered, meaning you’ll be able to taste a full profile of flavors, including the banana and clove flavors that come from fermentation. Stop by our local brewery bar to try this fan favorite!

Hopped Pilsner

Our Tomorrow Doppel Pils is a wet hopped pilsner, relying on the freshest-cut hops possible and same-day brewing to pack a punch. Infused with floral aromas and sweet aftertastes, many customers are surprised to learn that this hoppy pilsner comes in at just under 7% alcohol by volume. Malty, soft, and creamy, the Tomorrow Doppel Pils is sure to start a conversation at your table!

Slushbox Session IPA

Just as the name implies, this bright beer is much like the automatic transmission it is named after. Hoppy, refreshing, and unique on all fronts, the 99 Slushbox is here to serve as your new favorite for the summer. Featuring an IBU rating of 60, this IPA is bitter enough to light up your taste buds while still going down smooth.

Try Our Tropical Stout

Dark, chocolatey, and full of flavor, this stout rates at a 34 on the SRM. If you’re a fan of coffee and notes of molasses, we recommend the Tropical Stout. This brew is sweet at first, giving way to a bitter aftertaste that is somewhat dry.

We’d be lying if we told you that this beer is not refreshing on a hot summer day. Cold, crisp, and refreshing, the Tropical Stout ranks as our darkest choice for the summer beer list.

Visit Us Today!

The Herkimer is here to serve as everyone’s favorite brew pub in Minneapolis, providing the best beer and fare to create a fun time for everyone. If you’re looking for a new spot to sit back and cool down with a fresh beer this summer, why not visit our sports bar and grill on Lyndale Avenue South for a fun time? We’re here and ready to host for all types of occasions, from corporate events to private meals. Contact us today to learn more, or be sure to make your reservation online!