Summertime is here, and before you know it, we’ll be back into the football season and looking for Halloween costumes. It’s important for people everywhere to go out and make the most of the good weather, as wintertime will not be as welcoming. Minnesota has a wide range of outdoor activities, but when the heat gets to be too much, it also hosts a range of refreshing activities to help you beat the heat. The Herkimer is proud to be one such purveyor of refreshment. Our brew pub in Minneapolis specializes in small batch brews and delicious foods in a fun and welcoming atmosphere to deliver a fuller dining experience for each of our guests. We’re passionate about our beer, and we work hard to provide our community with full-bodied refreshment.

In this summer blog post, we’ll highlight a few frosty ways to stay cool once the sunshine is out in full force. Be sure to follow up on any ideas that interest you to create fun memories, as fall will be here before you know it!

Make a Splash

As the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Minnesota is renowned for its considerable volume of water. Despite the name’s catchiness, in reality, this state actually holds nearly 12,000 lakes. This means that locals everywhere have no excuse when it comes to hitting the water to cool off from the hot weather. We’re confident you can find a suitable body of water within driving range at the very least!

Another option is to make a splash at a local water park. Minneapolis holds a wide range of options, from the Bunker Beach Water Park up north to Cascade Bay in Eagan, swimmers have nothing but choices when deciding on which aquatic adventure to embark on. If the hot weather is out and the UV index is looking bad, be sure to gear up with the appropriate protection.

Hit the Movies

Instead of risking your fair skin in the sun, another approach is to invest in a cinematic journey for you and your family. Modern technology ensures that any quality movie theater is air conditioned, keeping you cool while you relax in the dark. UV radiation can be bad, we know, so consider this trip to balance out a sun-soaked weekend. Summertime is often the best opportunity to take the little ones to the movies, as child-appropriate adventures always provide quality entertainment.

Life is about balance, so be sure to invest in some quiet time with the family before hitting the beach!

Shop Epically

Our sports bar and grill is less than ten miles from the Mall of America, making the MOA a smart place to stop for shoppers looking for the cool of the theaters with the excitement of finding a quality deal. Centrally located and stocked full of shops and activities, families are sure to find a fun event that is both memorable and avoidant of sunburns. The kids can enjoy Nickelodeon Universe while the adults travel through the many stores and shops providing all manners of goods. You can also check out a movie here (talk about two birds!).

Go Underground

One way to stave off the excess sunshine is to make the road trip northward to take a mine tour. Located in Soudan, underground mine tours are offered that provide a fun and educational experience for the entire family. You can learn about the mine, strap on your helmets, and descend down into the earth. The tour group has specified that the temperature underground is 51 degrees Fahrenheit, making it advisable to bring a light sweater regardless of the outdoor weather.

Visit Our Brewpub

While many of our summertime activities are tailored for the children, adults can also find recreation in the form of delicious foods and refreshing libations. The Herkimer is proud to be your local brew pub in Minneapolis, delivering the best service to go with our beers and wisely paired meals and appetizers. We’re open from 12pm to 2am Monday through Friday and from 10am to 2am on weekends, and we’re always ready to provide a fun experience for those looking for a respite from the heat.

If you’re looking for a fun dining experience in town, be sure to reserve your table or call us to learn more about our brewery bar!