Nothing is more American than baseball. When you combine this national pastime with the refreshing taste of a quality beer, then you have yourself the perfect couple. Since the late 1800s, our great nation has sipped on the nectar of the gods while spectating the great sport of baseball. As your go-to sports bar and grill in Minnesota, The Herkimer is all about alcohol and sports. Our quality brew pub in Minneapolis provides customers with the best atmosphere, food, and of course, beers. The Herkimer’s craft brewery ensures that your delicious meal is paired with a bold mixture of flavors concocted by our brewmasters. Today, we’ll conclude our series looking at the history between beer and baseball by discussing the ramifications of Cleveland’s Ten Cent Beer Night in June of 1974. When you’re in the mood for beer and baseball, be sure to stop by our craft beer pub to watch the Twins in action!

Pushing Responsibility

The night of June 4th in 1974 was a tense powderkeg for activity. The Indians and their bitter rivals the Rangers faced one another in Cleveland. The beer served was 3.2% alcohol and fans were only allowed to buy six beers at a time for ten cents each. This did not help, however, as there was no limit on how many times you could purchase your beverages. The crowd quickly stocked up on alcohol and grew inebriated, creating a wide range of shenanigans. One male went streaking during a Greive home run while a woman flashed the crowd after running to the on-deck circle. A short time later, a father/son duo ran out onto the field to moon fans. Things were quickly turning ugly, and the intensity of the game did not help.

Once the game was tied in the bottom of the ninth, a teenage fan ran out to steal Jeff Burroughs’ hat. Thinking their player was in trouble, the Rangers rushed the field to come to the defense of their comrade. Fans who were inebriated from nine innings of cheap beer were quick to begin rioting, throwing bottles, debris, and pieces of chairs. The Indians players rushed to the defense of their rivals, thinking that the crowd was quickly getting out of hand. 25,134 rowdy fans now battered the two teams, creating havoc and mayhem until the Cleveland Police Department arrived. After this point, the intimate relationship between beer and baseball was limited to two beers per purchase.

Modern Malts

After this black eye on the baseball world, alcohol was monitored and restricted further to ensure everyone was safe during their time at the ole’ ballgame. Today’s settings consist of prolific craft beer expansions, as microbrews and specialty beers are becoming more popular than ever before. Philadelphia, for example, provided nine craft beer options last season. Beer is more ingrained in the baseball world than ever before, to the point that we would declare the two inseparable. A happy couple? We think so!

Beer and baseball create the dynamic duo of sports and enjoyment. Those hoping to see the big game without having to drive down to the diamond can stop by The Herkimer instead. Our brew pub in Minneapolis is a brewery bar as well as a sports pub. Sip on our unique brews as you cheer for your team, and don’t forget the appetizers! Contact us or stop in today to see for yourself how delicious and enjoyable our brew pub really is!