As the springtime starts to give way to warmer weather, the excitement of professional baseball is in full swing (pun half-intended). Whether you’re watching the kids hit off the tee or the professionals swing for the fences, there is no denying just how American baseball is. In addition to the seventh inning stretch and the peanuts is beer, that refreshing summer ambrosia that is a major part of the experience. If you are rooting for your professional team in Minnesota, be sure to come to The Herkimer during game time! Our brewpub gives Minneapolis residents that ability to cheer on their hometown heroes while dining on wings and imbibing with unique flavors that only our craft brewery can create. If you and your gang are looking for a place to enjoy our American pastime, stop at our sports bar and grill today for the full experience!

In today’s modern society, beer and baseball seem irreversibly intertwined in eternal patriotism. Today, we’ll look at the two’s early days as a couple and how those early experiences have helped to shape America’s enthusiasm for combining stolen bases with frosty beers. When you think of baseball, you think of beer. When you think of beer, you should be pondering The Herkimer’s full lineup of delicious wares.

Conflicting Beginnings

The National League (NL) held its opening day in 1876. While this sounds like prime time for enjoying a brewski, the NL actually did not allow alcohol sales at their ballparks. As baseball gained more traction with US citizens, so did the draw for making it an every-man’s game. The American Association (AA) offered cheaper ticket prices, games on Sunday, and yes, even beer sales. The NL had merely laughed at this startup league that brought in booze as a trick for drawing crowds. For nine years, the AA (yes, we’ve heard the jokes) held strong, until 1891 when the league closed down and the National League absorbed the best teams and players from their shuttered rivals. While this beer league lasted only a decade, its effects were far-reaching enough to alter baseball forever.

Rooted In Barley

It is interesting to note that many of the teams being bought at this time were being managed by many of the beer barons of the day. Frederick Wilhelm von der Ahe happened to be one of these characters. Originally hailing from Germany, this young entrepreneur worked at a grocery store, eventually buying it out and placing a saloon in the back. This aspect is important because von der Ahe noticed that there was an influx of patrons after baseball games. Thus, he reasoned, beer can be a very successful part of baseball. In 1882, he purchased the St. Louis Stockings franchise for a whopping $1,800 dollars. All of the pieces were now in place for this eccentric baseball baron to set the standard for beer and baseball.

The history of baseball is a storied one, yet the beer that surrounds our great past time plays a major role throughout the process. As a top brewery bar in Minnesota, The Herkimer understands the value of a delicious brew. Indeed, our brewpub gives Minneapolis residents the ideal location for fully enjoying the sport of baseball. Next time, we’ll look further at this history and the effectiveness of Prohibition. If you want to try out our pub, come in today or contact us to learn more about our beer!