Our current climate has taken its toll on everyone across the country, from small businesses to unemployed individuals. If you’re currently stuck at home during quarantine, it can feel troublesome trying to stay positive and productive day after day. As a top-rated brewpub in Minneapolis, The Herkimer feels the pain and isolation associated with social distancing, but we’re here to help everyone find a way to stay sane and have fun until the situation improves.

During this crisis, we are closing our doors to ensure the safety of our patrons and staff, but we’re excited to get back into the swing of things once the all-clear is granted. Our local craft beer pub features delicious foods and in-house brews relying on german purity laws to brew a clean, crisp beverage. Check out our beer menu to figure out what drinks you’ll want to order upon visiting our brew pub in Minneapolis on Lyndale Avenue South, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Catch Up on Chit Chat

Today’s quarantine workforce centers primarily around online chat platforms to seamlessly communicate between different professionals to get some serious work done. Outside of this workcentric approach, people rarely use their video conferencing applications for any other good. Here at The Herkimer, we’re excited to get back to serving people with the best brews and fare across Minneapolis, and we’ve taken to smalltalk to keep in touch with people.

If you’re currently in the midst of a meeting (and looking for our brew pub? Your secret is safe with us!), keep in mind that some water cooler conversations can do much to restore your sanity. We recommend taking the time to socialize with colleagues, or if your coworkers primarily consist of the pets, then be sure to schedule video conferences with your friends and loved ones. A little interaction from someone while not focused on work can do much to make you feel better about being stuck at home, you social butterfly!

Get Some Exercise

No, we’re not implying anything about your waistline! The benefits of exercise are well-documented and covered by nearly everyone who has done their online research. However, now more than ever, it is important to get up and move about. We know how tempting it can be to sit on the couch and demolish an entire bag of chips, but the continual downing of greasy foods will only make you feel more lethargic and worse about the situation. You can exercise in a variety of ways, from getting fresh air in your yard to completing an array of pushups and situps in your dining room. A little bit of exercise can go a long way in making you feel better!

Limit Your News Feed

Our modern society places a premium on being in the know, but during this challenging time, intaking too much information can lead to unnecessary stress. Try to moderate your news feed to limit the amount of incoming info, whether that means relying on one source for updates or avoiding sources which cause you undue anxiety. You can still stay in the loop on global events, but can benefit from avoiding an information overload!

Brew Your Own Beer

While we’re not necessarily looking for extra competition, the process of brewing your own beer can prove to be both rewarding and delicious. There are various kits available online, giving the at-home brewer plenty of time to build their new hobby. You can invest in a basic kit and follow the instructions to make a rich flavor profile. Shop a variety of kits, and utilize an array of ingredients to create a unique flavor tailored to your tastes. Brewing your own beer can be as affordable as it is rewarding, too!

Once you have crafted your own beer, it’s time to hone your craft. Soon, The Herkimer will reopen its doors, and you can visit to compare our in-house brews to your own. Our Minneapolis brew pub is here to feed, water, and entertain our community, and we miss seeing all of your smiling faces! Contact us online if you have questions, and be sure to donate to our employee relief fund during this time to help us return to full strength once the restrictions are lifted!