The holidays are here, which may mean that your grocery shopping is now a little subpar. Or, you may have family in town looking for a local sports bar and grill to try the city’s delicious brews and culinary delights. In some cases, patrons plan to spend each Sunday with us to watch the game. No matter the cause, you may find yourself coming to The Herkimer more often. Now, the big question emerges — should you join our VIP Club? Yes!

We are proud to be your reliable brewpub in Minneapolis, offering a variety of delicious small-batch brews paired with quality foods served in the perfect atmosphere to make the most of your night out. Whether you’re looking for a quiet meal or a game-day bash, The Herkimer is here to supply the fun!

Keep reading to learn more about our VIP benefits, and feel free to create a new account online to get started. We look forward to seeing you!

Earn Those Points

Our VIP Club is very simple — spend money and earn points. Every dollar you spend at our Minneapolis brewpub will accrue one point. Once you reach 150 points, a $10 credit will be added to your card. Savvy patrons can elect to save up their credits as desired, or inform their server of their desire to redeem these points to save some money. These credits can be used anytime, they never expire, and there is no maximum amount. 

Double Down 

Want to get your VIP discounts at twice the speed? Be sure to visit us on Monday nights, where patrons earn double the points for each dollar spent. Delicious beer, food, and double points? Heck yeah.

Don’t Forget Your Birthday Beer!

Be sure to add your birthday to your profile, as our staff will be sure to buy you a pint of quality beer or a glass of sake. The Herkimer wants to help you celebrate in style!

Stay in the Know

If you decide to join our VIP Club, you’ll be added to our VIP newsletter. This publication yields exclusive deals and specials that will make you even more like a VIP. These newsletters will also feature exciting news about our brewery bar, keeping you in the know and what is happening.

Looking for the premium status sans this newsletter? No problem! You can unsubscribe from our newsletter and still receive the full panoply of benefits associated with our VIP status.

Visit Us Today!

Joining our VIP Club is easy and free! You can check your balance online anytime, or reach out to if you have any questions or concerns. The Herkimer is here to provide the best brews and foods in a fun atmosphere for private events, lunchtime meals, and more. We know how to supply the fun. Ready to experience the full ambiance and flavor of our Minneapolis brewpub? Make a reservation online or stop by our location on Lyndale Avenue South to make the most of your VIP status. Cheers!