Now that the holiday season is nearly over, individuals across Minnesota are feeling the effects of their social hangover. Constant time with the family combined with the stress of the holidays has left many people in a funk, which is why it is essential to use this time to recenter yourself before the new year.

Those looking for a delicious way to refresh their spirit over the holiday season can visit our top-notch brew pub in Minneapolis. The Herkimer is here to provide some downtime to help you manage your stress. While our last post focused on minimizing your stress during the holidays, today, we’ll discuss a few basic tips that can help you destress before getting back into the swing of things. If you’re ready to make the most of your holidays with delicious foods and small-batch beers, be sure to visit our local brewpub today!

Take Some “Me” Time

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, many Minnesotans are ready to pack it in for the year. Before you fill in your schedule, be sure to schedule some time for yourself. Many people enjoy unwinding in front of the television, while others enjoy painting, singing, working on their truck, and everything in between.

Catch Up On Sleep

Before you head back to work, be sure to plan on sleeping in. Sleep loss leaves many holiday goers exhausted, adding to the stress already present when individuals are well-rested. Instead of dealing with the cycle of stress and sleep loss, be sure to take a snooze when you can. You’ll thank us!

Get Some Fresh Air

During the holiday season, many locals suffer from a lack of sunshine. While you may not be diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a deficit of fresh air and sunshine can still take its toll. Our brew pub loves the act of simple walks throughout the day to help everyone clear their head and get some much-needed sunshine. If you’re stressed, take 10 minutes to walk around your block (or our brewer bar!).

Move More

Now, we’re not saying that you need to commit to a hardcore gym routine. After all, your local gym will likely be full of eager resolution seekers! Exercise, in any volume, can provide a considerable boost for your mood. Not only does this activity promote circulation, increase energy, and aid in weight loss, but it also delivers the right balance of endorphins to boost your mood for up to 12 hours!

Movement, fresh air, and sleep all help to reduce levels of cortisol, a dangerous hormone released during stressful situations to help us stay safe. In excess amounts, your cortisol levels can lead to a medley of unwanted problems!

Cortisol Bad, Herkimer Good!

Stress can be rampant over the holidays, leaving many Americans feeling more bedraggled than they did before the festivities. If you’ve had enough quality time with the inlaws, or you simply want to get out and do something fun after the holiday season, The Herkimer is here and happy to help! Our brew pub in Minneapolis delivers top-notch brews and meals in a fun atmosphere to provide you with the perfect space to unwind. Our sports bar provides plenty of entertainment to match our small batch craft beers.

Stop by our brewery bar on Lyndale Avenue South to find your remedy for the holiday season, or contact us to learn more about our delicious food and drinks. We look forward to seeing you!