The new year is upon us once again, and that means that most commercialized holiday in history is drawing near. While The t has no problem with people celebrating Valentine’s Day, we have noticed a discrepancy in treatment towards those who are not in possession of a significant other. As your go-to brewpub in Minneapolis, we have a well-formed opinion on what to do on the most romantic day of the year — have a beer with us! The Herkimer is happy to combine our small batch brewery with our engrossing sports bar to create the ultimate combination for singles and couples alike. Today, we’ll take an analytical approach to explaining why our brewery bar is the ideal locale for dynamic duos and Han Solos alike.


Happy Couples


Valentine’s day is supposed to be lovey dovey, we get it. However, this one particular day draws out masses of happy couples looking to eat a costly romantic dinner with the dim lights and flickering candle. Why pay extra to fight the crowds when you can relax and enjoy the ambiance of our casual pub? Guys, your lady may seem inclined to enjoy the sweeter aspects of this holiday, but we’re willing to bet she’d be more excited about adventuring outside the box and doing something different. For the bros in need of sweetheart brownie points, our pro tip is to bring the romance the other 364 days of the year. While it may feel like time has run out, this can help for next year’s festivities!


Happy Singles


The notion of happiness being intertwined with the bond of another human is now outdated. If you and your friends are tired of the pressure put on you by society, why not go out and relax at our sports bar and grill? Valentine’s Day has gained traction as Single’s Awareness Day, and now can be the time to cement this tradition with an in-house brew. The Herkimer’s collection of games and entertainment will ensure that you and your singular comrades are in high spirits and enjoying the holiday spirit. Imbibing with fellow spirits is a fun time in our book, regardless of how you look at it!


Not So Happy Singles


Unhappy with your relationship status? As an untrained, uncertified counselor, The Herkimer suggests a moderate dose of fun and social interaction for your Valentine’s Day festivities. Our collection of entertainment ensures that every soul has a good time regardless of their current dating situation. Valentine’s Day also helps by motivating other singles to strike out and defiantly wave their happiness flag in the face of societal expectations. This fact also helps for those single citizens who are looking for love in all the right places, if by places you mean The Herkimer!
As one of the biggest commercial holidays of the year, Valentine’s Day has received a lot of attention from crowds on both sides of the fence. The Herkimer promotes unity over division and craft beers over other libations. As a premier brewpub in Minneapolis, we’re ready to bring the fun into your plans. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us to glean some handy information. Regardless of your dating situation, The Herkimer wants to be your Valentine!