As Turkey Day approaches, many people are heading out in full force to get into the holiday spirit. Regardless of your religion or belief system, this type of year is characterized by compassion and good cheer. For some of us, the frenzy of gift giving and making holiday obligations is a lot to handle, creating the need for fun new ideas in which to bring friends and loved ones together. While a gift exchange is perfectly acceptable, it can be challenging to find the right gift to ensure that your recipient is thrilled with their new property. The Herkimer, as your go-to brew pub in Minneapolis, is excited to incorporate our lineup of small-batch craft beers into nearly every event we put on. Our craft brewery and sports bar is the perfect place for a plethora of holiday activities, from watching the football game to hosting your holiday party.

One fun event that can bring everyone together with good times and excellent gifts is a beer exchange party. Today, we’ll cover a few basics to help inspire you to throw your own holiday beer party, whether it’s hosted at your house or our brewery bar. When you’ve finished, be sure to check out our menu and reserve your table!

Decide the Guest List

Beer comes in all shapes and sizes, and the container you use will help to make the party much more convenient. It’s important to arrange the party based on your goal, whether it’s a white elephant exchange where everyone brings a brew for another individual or one beer for each person at the party. If you invite 12 people, for example, and have each person supply a 12-pack for the party, everybody will get one of every beer to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a competitive holiday party or a communal blast, beer exchanges are the way to go!

Selecting the Theme

As the host, you can decide what type of party you’ll have and what variety of beer will be brought by guests. This decision can help to make the party more enjoyable by bringing a focus or theme to the front. Your group may want to go with holiday lagers this year with the intention of changing the theme for next year. Some parties may focus on the type of beer, the flavor, the geographic origin of the beer, and so on. It’s important to establish a style to adhere to, but be sure not to overdo it! You can choose craft beers, imports, or any option that the group mutually agreed upon.

Finding a Host Location

The location of your holiday party can be nearly anywhere, provided that it is legal for adults to consume alcohol on the premises. Our Minneapolis brewpub is one place that not only allows for the consumption of beer, we strive for the perfection of it! The Herkimer is proud to be your quality sports bar and grill for making the most out of life, whether you’re in need of delicious food or unbeatable beverages.

Next time, we’ll continue on this fun holiday idea by discussing a few more aspects that may prove useful in hosting an amazing party that is sure to send everyone home happy. Contact us today to see what The Herkimer can do for you, or make a reservation today to see our craft beer pub in action!