Everyone enjoys a good deal, and when the process involves getting the most value for your booze, the stakes are even higher. A modern happy hour can be described as a marketing strategy designed to deliver timed incentives for consumers at a discounted rate. Getting the most buzz for your buck is a rewarding experience, we know. The Herkimer is proud to be Minnesota’s go-to sports bar and grill for relaxing and having a good time while doing it. Our brew pub in Minneapolis provides the robust flavor and rewarding atmosphere that many Americans seek, whether it’s to watch the big game or simply enjoy a few appetizers.

Our craft brewery is proud to offer incentives to get people out of the house and enjoying their socialization with others. Today, we’ll continue to look into the hazy beginnings surrounding happy hour. If you have a hankering for craft brews, be sure to stop by for a drink!

Post-War Routines

With the graceful repeal of prohibition and the end of World War II in the rearview mirror, Americans focused on settling down and getting into a routine. While the term “happy hour” wasn’t widely used, the concept started to pop up in the early 1950s. Taverns and bars nationwide began capitalizing on the popularity of discount drink times, bringing in more patrons and pouring more beers than ever. The evidence of this term in the working man’s vernacular during this time is hard to find, save for a few news articles and opinion pieces. Once we entered the 1960s, happy hour became more widely used as a promotion for enjoying beers over the classic definitions brought on by our US Navy.

Paving the Way for the Modern Day

The 1960s brought a new interest in happy hour specials across the nation. Restaurants and bars were increasingly focused on creating their own version of happy hour to capture the success found by early innovators. Americans were now entrenched in post-work activities, and grabbing an affordable drink with friends in the evenings seemed like an ideal choice. One ritual that fueled this process was the habit of drinking during the work day, where professionals in many industries would conduct their own sip-sprints in order to loosen up before heading back to work. While entertaining to watch in shows such as Mad Men, this practice was shut down because many employers preferred their executives and employees to be sober.

Modern Day Considerations

Over the decades, the economic balance between reducing prices and increasing sales helped to make happy hour a common phenomenon. While this promotional drinking time is loved by many, certain states have moved to have the event banned. Eight states have voted to outlaw this practice, with varying reasons and results. Generally, the goal is to avoid binge drinking, as people tend to drink a lot more alcohol when it is more affordable for limited times.

Being able to leave your office and relax with a couple of price-reduced beers is probably what our forefathers had in mind as they laid the framework for this great country. As a quality brew pub in Minneapolis, The Herkimer is laser-focused on crafting delicious brews and pairing them with tasty food options. If you are in need of a brewery bar that has the perfect products with an amazing atmosphere, be sure to reserve your table with us to get the party started!