That time of year is upon us again. Autumn brings a wealth of activities and events that are sure to inspire folks to come closer together as a family. However, if you’re not looking forward to said family, The Herkimer can help! As a happening brewpub in Minneapolis, we have a wealth of enriching pub events to get you through the holidays. One such celebration is the American staple known as Drinksgiving. Yes, it is a drinking holiday. No, it isn’t a nationally recognized holiday.

photo1blogAre You Joking?

Good question, reader. As a sports bar and grill, the Herkimer is always on point when it comes to any festivities or celebrations that happen to include libations. While many Americans are busy preparing for the big dinner or a grueling marathon, other citizens are busy indulging in intoxication. Drinksgiving is an annual holiday that always occurs the day before Thanksgiving. Why, you ask? Well, many folks enjoy a night of celebrating due to the following day consisting of holiday work hours. Another factor that couples with the day off is that a huge number of college students have returned home and are ready to party. This combination equates to an unofficial holiday that rivals other drinking celebrations, such as Saint Patty’s Day or New Year’s Eve.

photo2blogWhat Should I Do?

Another good question! As a brewery and pub, we have an idea for what action to take on such a momentous day. While other brewpubs offer a boring holiday drink, the Herkimer brings the goods! Our establishment offers unique beers that only a top-notch craft brewery could fabricate while the food options are good enough to give Mom and her famous stuffing a run for her money. When you party with The Herkimer, you’re getting the best brewpub that Minneapolis has to offer!

photo3blogWhat Do You Offer?

Our craft beer pub offers relevant goods along with our professional services. For five bucks, you can try our satisfying Turkey Trot Shot. In need of a more comprehensive package? You’ll be consuming enough tryptophan on Thursday. Prepare for it with our TRYPTOPHANNY PACK! Ten dollars gives you access to a wealthy prize pack, which includes:

  • One beer. Make Drinksgiving a fun experience with a refreshing alcoholic beverage. Suds ahoy!
  • One shot. Wash down the nerves linked to your family celebration with a shot of Old Grand Dad bourbon whiskey.
  • One hydrating beverage. We’ll send you home with a bottle of Gatorade to help restore any electrolytes that were somehow lost during the festivities.

No matter what your plans for turkey day are, the night before can be packed with celebration and fun times. The Herkimer is here to offer a top-notch alternative to dealing with many events in real-life. Prepare yourself for a family meal by celebrating on Thanksgiving Eve. If you’re looking for an optimal brewpub in the Minneapolis area to spend time with, we are single! We also strive to host other enjoyable events, including football games and trivia nights. If you’re looking to handle the holidays at our establishment or are ambitious enough to host an event at a sports bar, don’t hesitate to contact us today!