With the new year comes a multitude of optimistic resolutions, many of them including the generic “lose more weight” promise. While the gyms are now filled to the brink with new faces, it is important to maintain a consistent plan for dropping those extra pounds and feeling fantastic. As a top-notch craft brewery, The Herkimer is interested in keeping our loving customers in great health for decades to come. Not only will we get to see your smiling face more, but you’ll be able to benefit from the awesomeness that is our sports bar and grill. The Herkimer strives to be the best brew pub in Minneapolis, supplying customers with delicious food and small-batch beer goodness.


Achieving your health goals is important, but so is being able to drink the sweet nectar we know as beer. Today, we’ll look at a few tips that can help you do both!


Boosting Metabolism


A common solution to losing weight is to simply reduce your caloric intake in order to shed those unwanted pounds. While this method is the standard for fitness optimization, it can be a challenge to maintain the discipline. We suggest kickstarting your metabolism in order to increase the number of calories your body needs on a daily basis. This way, you can look good with your exercise regimen while feeling good with our delicious brewery choices!


  • Breaking your fast. Energizing your busy day is a big part of taking the fitness world by the horns. People who consistently eat a balanced breakfast receive several benefits, ranging from reduced cravings later in the day to having a more efficient metabolism. When you eat in the AM, your body receives the signal that the day is on, so it keeps the engine running. This way, your body is using and burning fat, even when you don’t know it! Eating a full breakfast provides the energy needed for productive exercise while also helping to stabilize glucose levels. In all, the only thing wrong with breakfast is skipping it!boostimgmetabolism_bloginnerimage
  • Bulking up. Whether you’re looking to be completely yoked or simply trying to achieve some definition, lifting weights can do much to boost that metabolism. In fact, many health experts posit that it is the most efficient tool for doing so! Simply introducing a weightlifting routine into your fitness plan will help to increase the caloric need in order to feed your strong new muscles. A common problem here is that people who start lifting weights expect almost-immediate weight loss. It’s important to note that muscle is dense, and increasing your muscle mass will not help you lose weight on the scale. However, the muscle will be replacing the fat and making you feel great!
  • Making better choices. Incorporating small fitness changes into your life can equate to big bonuses in the metabolism department. Be sure to get up and take a walk every hour or so in your office. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator also assists in promoting good health practices. They say that small leaks sink great ships, and if we were clever enough, this adage would adapt to small changes sinking excess weight.
  • Eating healthier. It should come as no surprise that eating better equates to better health. Consuming the proper amount of fatty acids in your diet has provided proof that eating the right nutrients can help to reduce cravings, especially for junkier foods. This alone can help to open up room in your calorie count, providing an opportunity to enjoy one of Minnesota’s best sports bars.

Taking the right steps to achieve your fitness goals is one endeavor that we can get behind. Being able to go to your favorite craft beer pub in the process? Even better! As a premier brew pub in Minneapolis, The Herkimer is happy to provide you with the libations for celebrating your healthy lifestyle. Come in today and see how we work to perfect the pub experience!