When it comes to brew pubs in Minneapolis, you have dozens of locations to try. However, we believe that we can be your one-stop-shop for drinking, eating, and general merriment. The Herkimer is your premier craft brewery, carrying close to forty unique brews for your enjoyment. We take great pride in our craft and are excited to share our art with you! For the casual beer taster, we have broken down the technical qualities of your beer for better understanding. Hopefully, the following terms will help enlighten thirsty patrons!



685f2c85da61d78f460166cf5a89220eOur ales, lagers, and seasonal brews all hold the above information. Along with a pleasant description are our technical details. They consist of:


  • ABV — The alcohol by volume percentage of your beer. Simply put, beers are measured by the percentage of alcohol that is present in any volume of that beer. Whereas liquor uses the proof system, all beers distributed in the United States must have a percentage rating to inform consumers about how strong their brewski is.
  • IBU — The international bitterness units scale is universally used among brewers. Generally, hoppy beers score higher on the scale while lighter beers or stouts will rate lower. For nerdy information, this scale depends on the acid from hops called isohumulone; this acid is the contributor of that bitter taste you find in darker beers.
  • SRM — The Standard Reference Method is the go-to classification system used by brewers to classify the color of their beers. The SRM works to resemble a previous method of measurement, but in essence, it involves the measurement of loss of a deep blue light as it through the beer or wort. Although complicated, equations are in place to give an accurate SRM assessment to show how dark or light the beer under review is.
  • OG — Not gangster related; the original gravity is the measurement of your beer’s pre-fermented gravity. For the casual beer drinker, this rating can give evidence to how sweet your beer will be. The higher the OG rating is, the more sugar there is in the mix. This number is also useful in combination with the final gravity for determining alcoholic content. Don’t worry about the technical work, we’ve got it covered!
  • Decoctions — This process involves taking a portion of the Mash in the main bin and transferring that portion to a different vessel. This new volume is heated to conversion, where starch transforms into sugar. You can add the new mixture back into the original without the need for tampering with the original mix. This process achieves drier, crisper characteristics in your beer.


Beer making and tasting can be a very enjoyable hobby. The Herkimer has taken the brewery to the pub to create our amazing craft beer pub. Our ales and lagers are unmatched in quality and taste. Now, everyone that reads this blog can enter our brew pub in Minneapolis and expertly translate the information in the menu. Why yes, the low SRM and high OG means I’ll be enjoying a lighter, sweeter brew. Stop in today or contact us now to try our choice craft brews!