Being famished for delicious food can feel nearly as tragic as being thirsty for a cold brew. While classy wine pairings have long held the title for stuffy comestible events, our good friend beer has been making progress in providing the perfect combination to unlock the full flavor potential of your meal. The Herkimer is proud to offer a delicious duo that combines the necessary act of intaking nutrients with our brewery bar drink specials to create an experience that is sure to have you coming back again. We strive to be the top brew pub in Minneapolis, crafting in-house specialties and serving them with the right food.

Today, we’ll look at a few pairing tips that may prove useful when you visit an established craft brewery such as ours. Being able to explore the many varieties out there is a trek you and your taste buds won’t soon forget. You and The Herkimer? A perfect pair, if we do say so.

Lovely Lagers

These floral beauties provide the bittersweet aftertaste that is crisp, clean, and craved. People often rave about the success of pairing their favorite lager with smoky foods or those that were barbequed with a rich, hearty flavor. What better way to match this rich finish than with a cheesy side dish that is sure to dance in combination with the spicy aftertaste of that autumn lager.

Perfect Pale Ales

Who doesn’t love the summer feel of a cold pale ale? This beer typically features citrusy hints and flavors to balance with how crisp the aftertaste is. You have a wide variety for optimizing this beer, but we recommend sticking to grilled and roasted dishes to get the most bang for your buck. From salmon to quinoa, nothing hits the spot quite like a hoppy pale ale.

Incredible IPAs

The cousin to your pale ale, the IPA is often described as a complex flavoring that provides strong tastes and smells with a bitter finish. For several reasons, it is suggested to go with foods that are fatter in content, and spice is often a great bonus. Experts warn not to get too aggressive on your spicy foods, though, as the bitterness of many IPAs may prove to be an intense affair.

Sweet Stouts

Your favorite stout beer will offer a complex mix of bold flavors such as dark roasts and other darker, richer ingredients. This would prove an opportune time to test the sweeter side of your palate, sampling an array of sweet confectionaries that are sure to accentuate the toffee or chocolate tones supplied by a full-bodied stout.

Drinking beer is a fun activity, and eating delicious food accordingly can prove to be a major boost to any good time. The Herkimer was founded on this paired principle, aiming to be the best sports bar and grill in Minnesota. Our brew pub in Minneapolis combines decadent food options with our own brews to deliver a unique experience to all of our customers. Whether you want to watch the big game on Sunday or simply want to get started on your food pairings, be sure to reserve a spot at our craft beer pub today!