We may not want to admit it, but fall is just around the corner. With the inevitable nip sure to be in the air soon, it has us here in the brewery thinking about shifting our beer palate from the light body, warm weather slammer, to a more complex and malty sipper.  And that means the return of some cool weather friends.

Hi Hop RedEnglinsh Brown AleEVASquare-300x300OktoberfestSquare-300x300We will be starting out with the High Hop Red, our hop forward American amber ale.  This beer is easy to drink, with lots of caramel, toffee and date, and enough citrusy hop flavor to keep everyone coming back for more.  This will be followed in short order by the Northern English Brown.  Flavors of milk and dark chocolate dominate, with just a hint of toasted hazelnut for good measure.  This ale boasts a thick tan head and a nice dark brown colored body that is accentuated by ruby and garnet highlights if the light hits it just so.  What more can be said than this is a beautiful beer from any angle that you approach it!  We will also see the return of the Eva Cottbusser this month.  Expect tons of orange blossom honey on the nose with just a hint of sweetness that gives way to a spicy dry saison character at the end.  Always a crowd pleaser, this beer is complexity in a glass.  That’s three of our favorites this month, but the most exciting release is still to come.  Mark your calendar for the 24th and come grab a stein of Oktoberfest!  A seasonal favorite, this beer is a lovely orange color with a malty sweet aroma, a pleasing biscuit and slight toast flavor and a very approachable medium body.  It’s so good we throw a party for it every year!

The fun doesn’t just take place here at the Herk this month.  Come join us Sept. 17 at the former Grain Belt Brewery in Northeast for this year’s Autumn Brew Review.  Personally, this is one of my favorite beer festivals.  The weather is always nice and all the breweries bring their cool weather releases to show off.  We’re no different.  Grab a ticket and come sample with us!

And as always, you don’t need to wait to have some great beer.  If the thought of fall isn’t appealing yet, come in and grab a Toolers Weiss and sip in a little more summer.  Or have a Dr. Nat’s IPL and help us raise money for charity.  Or any of our 6 other taps.  We bring the variety, you just need to bring yourself.  See you soon.
The Brewers