Anyone tired of the cold and damp? Me too! And while this past winter was pretty easy to get through, your friendly Herkimer brewers are ready to drink a beer outside once again. May marks the beginning of The Herkimer patio season.  Bags league is starting up, warm sun in the afternoon, and plenty of days to drink a beer on the turf. Luckily we have just the stuff for you!

We are going to start this month with the release of our Rye Saison. This beer pours a beautiful light copper and is full of bright flavors of citrus and light caramel with an added bit of spice due to the rye malt and French saison yeast. It finishes super dry and drinks quite sessionable, meaning you are going to want to get in here for more than one. But be warned, at 7.7% ABV this one will definitely keep you warm as the sun goes down. If you love saisons, but that sounds a bit too heavy for you, look for the release of our Summer Farmhouse beer. An extremely fragrant beer with notes of orange and just a hint of bubble gum, this lighter farmhouse beer is easy drinking and very dry as it finishes on your palate. Expect a pleasant hoppiness, as well. Finally this month, look for the first release of the year of the Toolers! Our German Style Weiss (and fan favorite), expect a hazy beer with a billowing head that has flavors of banana and clove and finishes super clean. You’ll love it so much you will want to hug us for the 23 oz pour your going to get!

And as always, don’t feel you have to wait to get you hands on a great beer. F or the hop heads, come on in for a White IPA or a Lutz. Those who favor something a bit more malty will enjoy an Eva Cöttbusser. Dark beer fans will love the Black Rice Lager or English Brown. If you have a hankering for a beer, we got you covered. See you soon!