Spring is in the air and with it a feeling in the brewhouse to try some new things for this upcoming season of renewal. This month be on the lookout for some new beer styles, the return of a Friday favorite and the introduction of a new French friend that will hopefully be part of this brewery for a long time to come.

The phrase “time is a flat circle” has been floating around my head lately. It was exactly one year ago that we beg a n a little project with our sister brewery down the street, moto-i . We  utilized  the sake grade rice to reinvent  the Handy’s Lager , and with that success , we are happy to present  our n ewest Sakemai beer creation, the Black Rice Lager. Brewed with the classic German Swartzbier in mind, this dark lager will offer a clean malt and hop character with just a hint of chocolate undertone to make this beer very  sessionable, but infinitely interesting , as well. Come in and try it out, I think we have another hit on our hands. While we are on the topic of introducing new, dark and delicious beers, we also want to introduce you to our Tropical Stout. By no means as big and boozy as our Imperial, this jet black beauty is still going to leave you with the impression of dark chocolate, rich black coffee, and a sweetness reminiscent of dark fruits. The perfect beer for the dark beer connoisseur or someone wanting to send off the colder months with one final dark salute.   

We are also looking forward to the newest run of saison and farmhouse styles that are due out in the upcoming weeks. We are brewing with a new yeast strain, a French s aison strain from our friends at Omega Yeast out of C h icago .   T his yeast is extremely hungry, leaving the beers we’ve made so far exceptionally dry. If you ‘re a s aison lover, these new beers are going to put you in your happy place. We are beginning with our White IPA. This customer favorite is a cross between an American IPA and Belgian Wit, sporting flavors of orange and vanilla with a pleasant floral undertone and finishing extremely dry on the palate. Let us pour you a few and you’ll be convinced this one is a winner. Also this month look forward to the return of the Eva Cottbusser. This beer is quickly becoming one of our signature styles. With aromas and flavors bursting with orange blossom and finishing with the characteristic dryness mentioned above, this beer is a personal favorite that just keeps getting better and better.

This month will also see the return of weekly cask ale releases. Every Friday come on in starting late afternoon for a fresh new play on different tapped beers. Each new tapping will be unique and will sell until the cask is gone.  If you ever wondered what our Lutz tasted like with a funky new hop, or how different tea blends compliment our Eva, this is your chance to find out . And what’s best is that the combinations are limitless ! Welcome to your new Friday routine .

Finally, The Herkimer is once again proud to be a part of the 4th Annual Brewer’s Ball, benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation on April 7th. This is a great yearly event that we are excited to be a part of. Grab a ticket and join us for an intimate beer festival, food tasting, and silent and live auction. Hope to see you there.

We are currently pouring the Belgian Bruin and Waggelwater, the last o f our Belgian beer run. If you’re still not over St. Patrick’s Day, or you just love a good red we have a wee bit of the Irish Red remaining. And, of course, the Handy’s and Lutz are waiting for you like two good friends. See you soon.

The Brewers